Why I write about food

by Caitlin Hart

Food how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

I started writing about food by accident to be honest. I was set on being a serious journalist, well a serious sports journalist. Then once while talking with editors at my university newspaper Christmas party the food and drink blogger told me that I should write about beer. They concluded that I seemed to know what I was talking about. I thought, “Huh why did this not occur to me sooner?” I was passionate about beer and food and I certainly spent lots of time talking about both. So why not write about them, you know spread the knowledge? The hardest part was developing a tone. I didn’t want to sound like a snob. I wanted people to enjoy reading my food writing and maybe even strike a passion in them.

Once I sat myself down to think about blog post ideas, I realized I had enough to write at least once every two weeks. One year later after the inception of my food and beer writing adventures I still haven’t run out of ideas—editors love me for that. I keep doing it because I love it. At first I thought only my mom read my blogs, but recently I’ve been hearing from various friends telling me that they look forward to my posts. (I can even count a non-drinker among my readership!) Hearing that other people not only read it but enjoy it motivates me to continue. It’s easy for me to write about food and beer because they’re so much a part of my life that it doesn’t cause me any stress or long hours staring at a blank Word document. (And for someone that is chronically busy that is a blessing.)

Ultimately for me and many other people, food is something we connect over. As corny as it sounds people do bond over food. I have many friendships to prove it. Food in our society is a huge component of our social lives. How many outing constitute you and friends going out for dinner or drinks? Most of them I bet. Sure there are times when I love to get into some in-depth investigative journalism, but other times I want some lighter fare (pun intended). Food blogging keeps me writing regularly with a hunger that never dissipates.