What Your Most Used Food Emoji Says About You

by Danielle Del Vicario


In recent years the internet’s food obsession has been blessed by the advent of emojis. They provide clarity in a complicated world, for example a coffee cup emoji for your Facebook post of your morning cuppa. (It drives the point home, right?) But as emojis become more and more common and going on the assumption that people emoji (yep, it’s a verb now) like they Instagram, what do your most used food emojis say about you?

Coffee cup: You’re the queen bee of Starbucks, Instagram and just everyday life. (At least that’s what you’re probably thinking as you snap yet another shot of your fat-free caramel macchiato and flip through to get that perfect filter.) The irony? If you find yourself tapping regularly on that virtual cup, your drink of choice probably doesn’t even really qualify as coffee.


Pizza slice: You’re pretty down to earth; the kind of person who uses their Instagram account at most once a month (if you remember it’s just something you’re apparently supposed to do). Your Saturday standard is good vegetarian pizza and a few growlers of your favourite craft brew, shared with your Birkenstock-wearing friends on your tiny yet overcrowded patio. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.


Wine glass: You’re one of two people: a fine diner, with an amazing significant other and regular date nights, or a single gal at home with her bottle, watching food shows by herself on Friday night and eating dinner straight from the pot. You probably all know where I fall…


Birthday cake slice: You’re a birthday baker, something not to be confused with an everyday baker. You pull off some crazy aesthetic cakes, ones that look great but taste, well, a little less great. Unlike the everyday baker who bakes regularly and whose friends know that whatever they make will be melt-in-your-mouth excellent (even when cut into sloppy squares and thrown in an old yogurt container), your exploits are infrequent three-hour bursts of energy, complete with icing pipes, layers and maybe even some DIY fondant. It’s a feat of culinary exertion that demands outside validation.


French fries: You’re probably not an Instagrammer—just a drunk millennial texting a friend and begging for McD’s at three in the morning. After all, why text words when you could use a picture, right? As an emoji-novice, you probably thought in your drunken state that your use of that little French fry icon was ironic.


Banana: If you’re really using a banana emoji, you either missed the point or are way too keen on sharing your pre-workout morning snack. Either way, it might be time to reassess.