Valentine’s Gift Guide: For The Foodie

by Madeleine Brown

I am a serious, practical and, perhaps, even intelligent individual. However, beneath my crusty exterior, I am also a romantic. That said on my dream Valentine’s Day (the unofficial national holiday of all closeted romantics), I want gifts. Let’s not ignore the commercial ancestry of the holiday, right? And say your loved one’s a foodie, thank the love gods above for at least limiting your potential gift options to a single category. Whether you’re buying for me, or more likely your actual love interest, here’s my top choices for food-related Valentine’s gifts. Maybe they aren’t as romantic as you’d expect, but that probably just means you yourself aren’t a foodie. Stick to them and you can consider yourself safe…at least until your anniversary.

Valentine's Gift Guide: For The Foodie

Dinner out
Too clichéd? Too expected? Never. Foodies like to eat as much as we like to cook. And when we don’t have to pay for the occasion that means three courses instead of two— plus drinks. If you want to make the meal special though (perhaps you’re already at a stage in your relationship where you share costs), pick a meaningful restaurant. No, not where you went on your first date. Now that’s clichéd and expected. I mean one that’s at the top of every new restaurant list. Or some hidden gem that even your foodie love interest has yet to uncover. It’ll no doubt take research and maybe even an early reservation, but that’s what makes the intention special.

Grocery or specialty food store gift card
So apparently gift cards are boring and thoughtless—but not in my books. You know what’s boring and thoughtless? A gift card to a random store, café or restaurant that you bought without a shred of care. Beyond that I consider all gift cards absolutely acceptable. And, sure, your foodie date may just use it towards their weekly grocery shop, but if we were dating I’d put that towards something fun and splurge-worthy like tuna steaks or Natural Delights Medjool Dates. They’re the kind of items I pass each week at the grocery store and out of practicality force myself to skip over. To me, there’s no message more romantic then, “Yes, go ahead, treat yourself to those sweet, soft, voluptuous dates.”

Dish soap and accessories
As a home cook, my life is dishes. So when I find my favourite brand of scubbie in my stocking each Christmas or when my roommates accidentally wash one of my dirty mugs, my heart sings. You can never go wrong with a dish washing care package. Stuff yours with high quality dish soap, sponges, scubbies, baking soda and moisturizer. Every time your foodie boyfriend or girlfriend begrudgingly fills the sink with soapy water, they’ll think of your thoughtfulness. Because let’s be realistic here, you’re never going to offer to wash their dishes—at least on a regular basis. So, no, in my mind there’s nothing passive aggressive about this final (and for me best) foodie Valentine’s gift option.