Three (And A Half) Summer Foods We’ve Been Craving All Year

We made it! Whether it was too short, too long, too mild or too cold, we survived winter. As our reward, we welcome summer and its joys: constant boredom, failed beach bods and lack of employment. Well, at least you can gorge yourself on traditional summer eats. Yeah, sure, you can eat ice cream anytime of year, but there’s nothing like a late-night impromptu Dairy Queen run. (I blame the later sunset.) Here’s my five crave-worthy summer favourites.

 summer foods we've been craving

Iced drinks

Come June, steamed milk seems cloying and heavy and brew coffee induces excessive sweating (thanks to the heat, not the caffeine). Cue every restaurant and coffee shop’s summer lifesaver: the ice machine. With the first iced tea and coffee of the season, comes endless “aha” moments. It’s certainly far more refreshing than a forgotten cup of joe lost amongst the clutter of your desk.

Barbeque and picnics

At Boost Life we celebrated National Grill Month back in May, but now the perfect barbeque weather has arrived. Whether you take to the grill for the first time or as many times as you can, summer is the time to light up. (Your barbeque that is.) Given students’ inherent lack of access to quality stovetops—if one at all, here’s looking at you, dorm room—a barbeque is an affordable way to infuse your cooking with smoky flavour. For the less daring, summertime is also picnic time. It’s as easy as throwing whatever sharable snacks live in your cupboards, a bottle of wine, couple cans of beer or sparkling water in a backpack and venturing to your nearest green space. A pack of cards or board game add to the outdoor fun.

Ice cream and smores

Across the country, your favourite local ice cream shops turn the closed sign over and open their doors from Victoria Day weekend through to Thanksgiving. Wherever or however you fill your summer days, there’s always a moment for ice cream. Given the bounty of opportunity, it’s the chance to experiment and try as many flavours as possible. (Not all at once though.) And there’s no reason not to mix-up another classic summer dessert, smores. How about switch your graham crackers for chocolate chip cookies, milk for dark chocolate or white for coloured marshmallows? For city slickers, thankfully you can achieve the same melty gooiness of a campfire via the oven or microwave.  


Okay, no, you can’t eat a patio, but suddenly doesn’t everything taste a million times better on one? Dine al fresco and something about the summer air turns a burger and fries into a starred meal. Even if you don’t have one at home, take advantage of the likely numerous restaurants cashing in on patio season with a set-up of their own. Strive to be extra considerate to your serving staff though—speaking from experience, patio season tends to make you hate your restaurant work life more than usual. Cheers to a summer of patio-appropriate weather.