The sweet or savoury debate

by Josh Racho

The sweet or savoury debate
Just put the chocolate down

When it comes to day-to-day eating I tend to bounce back and forth between sweet and savoury flavours in general. I find if the body is well-tuned it will tell you what it needs, or does not need.

After switching to a vegan diet around 10 months ago, it became much easier for me to recognize and treat these cravings guilt-free. When such cravings arise I adjust my meals accordingly. Days when I desire something sweet it’s usually satisfied with the addition of shredded carrots and beets in a salad. This adjustment pleases not only in taste, but also texture and appearance. On the other hand, on savoury days I find myself adding extra cinnamon to my cooking or putting nutritional yeast in a sandwich of some kind.

My tendency recently has been without a doubt towards the savoury side. The bounty of root vegetables and cold weather beg to be remedied with wonderful warmth and comforting food. I find myself caramelizing onions to put into hummus and tossing all manner of squash and okra into savoury Indian dishes.

I encourage anyone who enjoys cooking or even is just starting out to get into what is in season and let that dictate which side you take on the sweet or savoury debate. Ask me again come spring and I’ll likely tell you that all the crisp, bright fruits and vegetables are pulling me towards a clean and somewhat sweet feeling. Roll with the punches and settle into the season.