The Mother’s Day Breakfast Guide

What every mom needs is breakfast—preferably in bed. The traditional Mother’s Day celebration has become a mainstay for a reason (or three). It can accommodate a range of budgets and skill sets and, above all, it’s restful. Ask anyone to describe their dream Sunday and waking-up before sunrise is never included—but a leisurely breakfast surely is. That said not all mothers are alike. Heck, the “mom” in your life may not even be your biological mother. And, thusly, their breakfast choices are similarly not alike. Here’s my breakdown of moms to breakfasts. Take my advice though, don’t let your mom know which category she falls under. Mother’s Day is a day of celebration, not humiliation.


The neurotic mom


Of course you love her, but sometimes you wish she wouldn’t text you reminders in the middle of the night. Why does she think it’s appropriate to text you: “Don’t leave your house with wet hair…you’ll catch a cold. Xx” at 2:34 am? With a neurotic mom of my own, I’ve yet to solve that mystery. However, what I am certain of are the requirements of her breakfast of choice: no open flames, sharp knives or scalding water. Instead cook up a pot of homey oatmeal served alongside a selection of her preferred toppings such as the first berries of the summer season or a sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon. Brew up a batch of her favourite coffee or tea served in her favourite mug alongside a copy of her favourite Sunday papers. If she’s feeling adventurous, pop open a bottle of Prosecco, finished with a splash of freshly-squeezed fruit juice. Just be sure to point the cork away from your little brother’s face.


The “cool” mom


If you’ve seen Tina Fey’s Mean Girls—thirteen years on and it’s still gold—you know exactly what kind of mom I’m referring to (i.e. Amy Poehler as Mrs. George). And if you haven’t, thankfully YouTube clips of Poehler in the role abound. The “cool” mom is into everything your into—your music, your sense of fashion, even your love interests. Ultimately, her intentions are good—she just loves you. A lot. For her Mother’s Day breakfast, prepare your favourite early morning meal. Remember it’s hers too. Otherwise stick to the latest in breakfast trends—chances are high she’s following them. Trendworthy breakfasts include poached eggs on multigrain toast with a smear of guac or overnight chia seed puddings with a kale smoothie.


The foodie mom


The foodie mom is the most particular about her breakfast. Food is her life, so celebratory meals are cause for thoughtful choices. Think outside the cereal box. Reserve a table at a buzz-worthy restaurant. Otherwise take the continental approach, featuring items from a respected bakery, butcher or farmers’ market stall. As for beverages make a run to her neighbourhood coffee shop for a cup of the good stuff otherwise a well-made brunch cocktail is welcome. Among a curation of all her favourite food products, sneak in some surprises. She’ll admire your ingenuity.