Dear dishware

by Leah Moldowan

Dear dishware,

You have a strange control over me.

Whenever I walk into a store I naturally gravitate towards you. Sometimes I don’t really even notice it happening. I walk in and then I just end up in the midst of your beautifully stacked shelves.

I never put much thought into what you looked like before I started photographing my food. Now though even when I’m not plating food for a photo I always reach for a pretty plate or bowl. A pretty dish is the first step towards pretty food and everyone knows pretty food just tastes better.

I’m not one to spend much money on anything (other than food), but I can always find a way to justify buying that one of a kind ceramic bowl, gorgeous wooden bowl, or cute little spoon. Not everyone appreciates your beauty or how special you are, but I do and it’s a shame you’re often overlooked. Your section in the store is always so fun to wander through and makes me swoon. The shelves of stacked plates with fancy edges, the wobbly mountains of colourful bowls and the bins full of shiny and tingly silverware in all shapes and sizes. While I wish I could have one of each lovely dish I see in stores like Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie and West Elm, my favourite place to look for you is thrift stores. It’s not just the prices. They’re always filled with such unique dishes and often have so many gems hidden among the dozens of plates (dating back to the 1980s in particular for some reason). Having cupboards filled with charming dishes and bowls of all sorts of shapes and colours to pick from just makes meal time that much more enjoyable.

So dishware, thank you. Even though you’re simple and something lots of people don’t think twice about, you’ve brought fun, adventure and so much beauty into my life.