Brunch much

by Hannah Lank

Dear brunch,

What you should know, above all else, is how much I love you.  You are by far the best meal of any time of day, any day of the week—but you are also so misunderstood.  Traditionalists fear you, even scorn you. But I think you’re genius.

I understand you inherently—in my heart of hearts, there is no question as to why you are worthy of an hour-long wait at any trendy weekend brunch spot.  But for those who are not as convinced, I present the following reasons why brunch is an exceptional human creation:

  1. Efficiency: combining two meals into one?  Genius!  Not only does this make brunch extra savoury, it saves money and time—time that can be spent waiting in line for the latest trendy brunch spot.  Plus, brunch is the perfect time to catch up with your friends: invite people out for weekend brunch and it’s guaranteed you’ll be together for over two hours. (Line-up and food? Yeah two hours for sure.)
  2. Trendy: is your Instagram game in need of a boost?  There is no picture more Insta-worthy for the weekend than one taken at the latest brunch spot—chances are their dishes are prepared with aesthetics in mind.  Take an aerial shot of your meals and drinks while grabbing brunch and watch the likes pile up (just try not to read into it too much when your brunch pics get more likes than your selfies… it’s not you, it’s brunch).
  3. Delicious: I’ve met very few people who don’t list breakfast as their favourite meal of the day—but for those who don’t, the compromise is certainly brunch.  Feel like lemon-ricotta pancakes with maple butter?  Brunch has got you covered.  Maybe you want organic eggs benny with smoked salmon and a side of local field greens?  Also done.  Or hey, maybe you’re feeling more like a sandwich (could be a breakfast sandwich, doesn’t have to be).  Yes brunch can do that too.  Brunch is THE most hipster of all hipster foods, so expect unique creations.  Also, brunch is pretty much the only occasion where it’s acceptable to drink before noon.  Coffee AND a mimosa?  Yup, acceptable (although maybe not the most tasty combination…).
One mimosa is never enough

There are people who will never understand brunch.  They will not understand why anyone would want to combine breakfast and lunch, or wait until 11:30 am to eat on a Sunday, or wait in line for an hour before that to get a spot at a funky restaurant.  But if you are a self-titled brunchionista (as I, clearly, am) then just thinking of brunch will get your heart racing.

So, yes, brunch I love thee.  I wish I could convince everyone to love you as much as I do, and to wait impatiently all week for the weekend, to try a trendy new brunch spot.  You are ALWAYS worth the wait.

Love you brunch, forever and always.

xoxo Hannah