5 Condiments Staples For Your Student Fridge

by Danielle Del Vicario

Ah, the mini-fridge, the quintessential icon of university life. About to move into your dorm, you have visions of your compact cooling unit fully stocked with breakfast snacks, booze and (let’s face it) more booze. You picture yourself cracking open a cold one without doing more than swivelling your desk chair. Soon though, things start to slip and the inevitable happens: your mini-fridge becomes little more than a glorified container for unused condiments. As this eventuality can’t be resisted, we’ve pieced together a list of what you would find in our fridge, and why it’s there. Because not all condiments are created equal.

student looking in fridge

Dijon Mustard

There are two types or people in the world: mustard people and ketchup people. Or as I like to look at it: people who like mustard and people who just haven’t tried good mustard yet. My number one condiment is Dijon mustard. Perfect for sausages you make on your tiny hot plate, it’s also a great on sandwiches and in quick salad dressings. (Yes, I was the freshman who made their own salad dressings in their dorm.) Grab one in a glass jar so you can help the planet a little by skipping out on plastic.


I’m not a mayo eater per se, but I appreciate its versatility. If nothing else, it’s key to a classic egg salad sandwich, easily made with a hot plate, microwave or even just a kettle.

Malt Vinegar

By now you’ve probably noticed the absence of ketchup, Sriracha, barbecue and sweet Thai chili sauce on this list. These condiments (and many others like them) are loaded with sugar. Cutting some of the less obvious sources of refined sugars from your diet is an easy way to improve your focus and mood, stabilize your blood sugar and just make you feel generally better. When you make that late night fast food run, malt vinegar and a generous sprinkle of salt is a great alternative to ketchup on your fries.

Soy Sauce

Self-explanatory if you like sushi and have ever had to deal with the ketchup packet-sized packs of soy sauce that come with your takeout. (Seriously not adequate.)

Natural Peanut Butter

I’m not sure peanut butter is classified as a condiment, but it deserves mention regardless. Whether slathered on toast, used as a dip for banana or apple slices, or just eaten straight from the jar, peanut butter is a student’s best friend. Given the addition of palm oil and sugar in most commercial peanut butters, choose an all-natural variety (which should be kept in the fridge to keep fresh). Shop around and choose your favourite.