Don’t Forget To Pack These 5 College Necessities

When it comes to moving into residence for the first time, ruminate on the following mantra: the first time is always the worse. Having lived it, I can attest to the truth behind that statement. In addition to the emotional nature of the situation (on both yours and likely your family’s parts), the practicality of separating a newly formed single household from an established one is complicated. Suddenly the shared hair dryer and mysteriously self-replacing supply of toilet paper must be considered. Here’s my list of often under-appreciated (and as a result often forgotten) college necessities. And, yes, don’t forget the toilet paper.

pack these 5 college necessities

Laundry supplies

75.4% of young adults attend college and university in order to learn how to do laundry. Okay, I quite possibly made up the percentage, but speaking from my own experience, I like to believe the cliché is true. Coming from a chore-less childhood, I moved away from home, completed my first load and packed my own lunch all for the first times in the span of a week. Along with a choice detergent, dryer sheets, laundry bag, hardcore stain remover and extra coat hangers to air-dry delicates, request basic laundry pointers from a parental unit prior to the big move.

Electronic device wipes

If you didn’t through high school, your life will now officially revolve around your laptop and cellphone. From entertainment to social life and the odd assignment, your devices serve as your home television, office and even personal chef.  So, take my advice and invest in a package of wipes specifically for devices. When your life goes up flames, a clean screen can ease the stress.

Portable drink containers

You’re likely to receive your share of free condoms, pamphlets, barbecues and, yes, water bottles over the course of frosh week. However, now a young adult, you’ll soon learn just because it’s free, don’t mean it’s good. Purchase a quality water bottle and thermos before the move. Most campuses are outfitted with fancy-smancy water fountains and most mornings you won’t wake early enough to finish your coffee at home.

Printer and ink

Don’t pretend you’ve outwitted “the man” by printing your assignments off of the library or student centre printers. It’s never—ever—worth it. Come 4 am, tired, alone and twenty words away from the assigned word count, you do not want to interact with the shared copy machine only to discover it won’t print your half-assed essay. Spend the money and buy a printer. While you’re still on mommy and daddy’s dime, also stock up on ink. Forget learning Santa Claus’ legitimacy, the actual cost of printer ink is the greatest disappointment of adult life.

Alarm clock

I know, you have a cellphone, I know. But let me ask you this: how charged is it right now? It’s probably dead, right? An alarm clock is an ultimately inexpensive investment that’ll save you charging anxiety down the road. It’s the magic of electricity, folks. Set your typical wake-up time—don’t forget to select AM instead of PM—and with the simple flick of a switch, you’ll never worry about making class again. Now whether or not you chose to hit the snooze button one time too many is on you.