3 Student Food Trends You’ll See in 2017

by Madeleine Brown

It’s so easy to call out trends until you realize why it’s so easy: they’re all already established. For example, I just thought Hawaiian poké was a brilliant call. And, you know why? Cause I’ve recently read about it online and in a handful of newspapers. It’s so 2016. While I love a good horoscope, I’m not one to claim I know what the future holds. So here are my completely uninformed, absolute guesses of food trends for the upcoming year. Just for fun I’ve limited my predictions to the student crowd. Let’s see if any of them actually make it to the dorm room.


I first encountered kombucha at my yoga studio where a teacher of mine was pandering his starter off to any willing students. While I didn’t take up the offer, it’s entered my realm of awareness. Kombucha is fermented black or green tea. Its bacterial content apparently offers an array of health benefits. That said there are equally as many opinions that suggest it can prove fatal. Always game for a risk, I foresee students giving kombucha a go. On a practical note, PepsiCo purchased kombucha producer, Kevita, late last year. So while you could adopt the risky DIY approach, it’ll likely continue to be easily (if not more so!) available commercially.

White bread and butter
Given the choice, we’ve been trained to choose whole wheat over white. But I suspect it’s time to question that logic. When it comes to mass-produced loaves, who really knows what’s best anyways? I believe students will give into their sense of nostalgia and without a shred of guilt buy white this upcoming year. And I’m not limiting that to WonderBread. There’s a whole world of breads produced from beloved all-purpose, white flour including snap-tastic baguettes and doughy Italian loves. And for that matter, skip the margarine, butter’s back and it’s all that appropriate to top a nice, thick slice of white.

Homebrewed beer and wine kits seem too laborious and costly to reach the student market. Cocktail sets on the other hand are not only a reasonable investment, but furthermore who would ever turn their nose up at the creations of a capable home bartender? Whatever your tastes, health requirements or dietary restrictions there’s a cocktail to match. And that means non-alcoholic cocktails are totally an option and craft in themselves. You can start simple with standards like martinis and Old Fashioned’s before graduating to original cocktails with homemade mixers and garnishes. A solid mixer can up the ante on any so-so liquor, so the cheap stuff is totally up for grabs in the case. Experiment away.